• Celebrating special moments with Moonpig

    A couple of weeks ago I joined a virtual event with Moonpig to celebrate their 20th birthday and also learn more about what they offer. It made a change to be attending something virtual that wasn’t a team meeting or something work related.

    The event itself was a lot of fun, with flower arranging (harder than it looks) cocktail making and learning about all the great features within the Moonpig app – I’ve got a discount code to use if you’ve got upcoming occasions to plan for. Keep reading to find out!

    Moonpig have been running for 20 years this summer and I’m sure the name needs no introduction. Perhaps you’ve known of Moonpig since the early adverts, or you’ve been more recently introduced through receiving a card or gift yourself. Either way, the business are known for offering a range of personalised cards and gifts.

    Why use the Moonpig App?

    How often are you using your phone? Probably multiple times each day, I’d guess. Whether you’re checking emails, scrolling through social media, sending messages to friends, checking the weather forecast, the list goes on.

    Being able to personalise a card from your phone is so quick and easy – chances are you’ll have the photos you’d want to include saved on your phone so it’s easier to navigate to the album and quickly upload, amending the design on the go. There’s also a few handy features on the app:

    Birthday reminders

    Simple but effective. It means you don’t have to wonder when someone’s birthday is, check with another friend or family (or go checking on Facebook to be sure – I’ll put my hands up, I’ve done that before!)

    You can add as many people to the reminders as you like, making it easy to step through the checkout process and get their cards sorted in advance!

    Inspiration for that message…

    It’s no surprise that most customers drop off the Moonpig app or website when they’re trying to work on the all important message within the card. It can be hard to find the right words, so as a starting point you can get inspiration for a range of different categories, y’know sometimes it’s nice to say a little more than just ‘happy birthday’ or ‘congratulations’. 

    Handwritten messages

    Personalisation is key and not only do you have the option to upload photos and add names, you can also add your own handwritten message.

    Write out your message, or doodle something, take a photo and upload to the app. You can use an iPad screen too – or the Apple Pencil works too if you want to get really creative. This feature is only on iOS at the moment, but it’s a really nice touch. It saves you the back and forth of sending the card to your address, writing in it then taking it to the postbox to send on. I also think it’ll be a lovely way to include the whole family – if you want to include a drawing from a child for example. 

    Augmented Reality

    Possibly one of my favourite features through the demo, as it’s a great way to see the different card sizes in your own home. So if you’ve picked the standard size card, you can load up your camera and see how it looks on your dining table for reference, or try the large card and whether that might be better. Or go big and pick the giant card – which is huge! Really! Again, only an iOS feature but well worth a try.

    Flower arranging – some tips

    The flower arranging activity was really fun and the first time I’d really had a go at something like this.

    Whether you’re ordering flowers to go alongside a gift for someone, or you like the look of one of the bouquets you’ve spotted whilst personalising a card, here’s a few top tips I received from Roxanne at Moonpig which will help your bunch bloom for a little longer:

    • Trim the stems diagonally, ideally about 2cm off the bottom but you may need to make them a little shorter if you’ve got a smaller vase. Cutting diagonally rather than straight means the stems will still be able to get the water wherever they are within the vase.
    • Snip that elastic band off once you’ve trimmed the stems – it’ll just make things so much easier for you! Unless you want to have a go at arranging them yourself, in which case, clear some space!
    • Fill the vase halfway with water (and the flower food if you’re just popping them in freshly delivered) and be sure to fill up when the water level is looking low. Every third day you should be emptying the water out, rinsing the stems, give them another trim and pop them back in the vase with fresh water.
    • Spotted a sad wilty stem? Remove it so it doesn’t contaminate the rest of your bouquet

    Flower gifts at Moonpig start at £20. Whether you’re sending a birthday bouquet or just want to send a bit of positivity to someone during these times, flowers can be a really nice surprise. 

    Fancy a cocktail, or mocktail?

    I’ve attended a few cocktail making masterclasses, and this one led by James from Mix and Twist was great fun, especially with running back and forth to the kitchen to get more ingredients! Before the night I couldn’t confidently distinguish a Muddler from a Mexican Elbow, but both (and the shaker) have been getting some good use with the recent sunshine. My sister seemed quite pleased with her margarita I mixed up! 

    Want to shake up a storm in the kitchen? Here’s the cocktails I made:

    • For something refreshing try Summer Garden – 45ml Vodka, 25ml lime, 25ml sugar syrup, mint leaves, cucumber, 25ml elderflower soda.
    • For something a little different Strawberry Fizz – 45ml Vodka, 25ml lemon, 25ml sugar syrup, soda, strawberries, lemon
    • My overall favourite, but I really like those tropical flavours – Passionfruit Martini – 45ml Vodka, 20ml lemon, 25ml passionfruit syrup, 60ml pineapple juice.

    Konik’s Tail vodka which we used in our cocktails can be bought from Moonpig, alongside other spirits, beer and wines. Also spotted some alcohol free gin on there too.

    Okay, if you’ve got this far, here’s your discount code. Download the Moonpig app and use APP30ORDER to get 30% off a card and gift! That’ll put a smile on their face (and yours too) NB: code only works via the app and promotion ends 26 August.

    Have you used Moonpig before? 

    AD – PR Event: I was invited to this event with Moonpig and received PR products from the company. All thoughts and photos are my own.

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