• Santa Paws with Petplan

    This post is in conjunction with Petplan but all thoughts are my own

    Since we got our cats, they’ve always been curious about the Christmas tree. I’m not sure if it’s because they’re used to seeing trees outdoors, or because it takes up a popular lazing spot for them – intruding on their space.

    Christmas is a time for the family to come together and if you’ve got pets, then I’m sure you consider them part of the family too. Hands up if you buy your pet a gift? 43% of us do according to research from Petplan.

    Petplan understand that you have specific needs when it comes to finding the right insurance policy and you want what’s best for your pet. With over 40 years’ experience, they’re the experts and getting a quote takes just minutes.

    This year, they’ve launched the Petplan advent calendar.  Pet Insurance is important but for something more special, check out the advent calendar where you can win fun toys and gifts that will make this Christmas full of memories. 

    Two cats from the same litter with totally different personalities have been part of our family since 2006! Roxy (who decided she didn’t want to feature in any photos – diva maybe, I’d prefer to call her shy, elusive…) and Amber who loves the fuss and attention.

    In mid December it feels a bit late to get them an advent calendar – though if it involved treats I’m sure she should be keen! Instead, let’s talk about some great gifts you can get for your feline friend this year. 

    Roxy is a big fan of catnip. What cat can resist it?! She is known to chase her tail and do that entertaining sideways run if she’s greeted with her toy fish or mouse which is infused with the feline favourite. So another of those for Christmas is bound to keep her away from sniffing around the table wondering if some Christmas Dinner might just turn her way and she can roll the floor instead.

    Scratching posts are a great gift – because if you don’t get them one, they’ll find something else to use, a rug, the carpet, anything they can get their claws into. So rather than ruin the furniture – give them something instead.

    A new bed or cave. Roxy and Amber both have igloo style beds which they like to cosy up in. Or one of them at least does, most mornings one will have the roof squashed in on itself. Whatever is comfy though…

    Check out the pet advent calendar and see what you could win for your pet.

    Do you have pets? What would you get them for Christmas?

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