• 5 ways to welcome wellness into your routine

    wellness durham yogatherapies

    When’s the last time you stopped and did something for yourself?

    I mean, truly for yourself?

    If you can’t remember, then listen up. I know we all say we’re so busy, but busy is no excuse and if you’re heading towards burn out then you should take a step back and consider taking some time for yourself.

    Welcoming wellness into your routine…

    We can probably all acknowledge that we need to take time to decompress, to relax, to switch off – but I bet we can all hold our hands up and admit we’re spending too much time on our phone.

    So here’s just a few ideas of how you can incorporate a little wellness into your day to day.

    Take a look around

    We’re always on the go, rushing from A to B and not taking time to enjoy the journey and what’s happening around us. So look up from your phone and notice the birds, or how the sun feels against your skin. Disconnect from social media and be in the moment.

    Get moving

    Exercise is great for releasing stress and for the physical benefits too. For me, it’s running and I enjoy lacing up my trainers and getting outdoors. I’m not really a gym person, but if you feel better after a tough gym class, then that’s great too! Maybe you like to go out walking and you’re a keen hiker. If you’re not sure what exercise is best for you, go along and try something new. Be brave and go alone and meet some new people too, or if doesn’t sound like fun, maybe ask a friend to go with you or to show you the ropes with table tennis. They’ll be flattered you’ve taken an interest and you can encourage their passion too.

    Connect with others

    I attended Durham Wellness Festival recently ran by YogaTherapies and West Barn Co which was a celebration of food, artisan goods and products, yoga, meditation, massages and facials. The exhibitors were really approachable and I was chatting away with a Mother and Daughter who run their own artisan soy candle business. Based in Sunderland, I always find it really interesting to hear about local businesses and think it’s great to support them where possible. So, next time I’m looking for a candle (whether for myself, or a gift for someone else, I’ll be heading to Gracie & Belle)

    wellness durham yogatherapies

    Do you meditate? I took part in my first guided meditation. Something I hadn’t tried before, but I was pleased I managed to follow it and focus. This short meditation, a shoulder massage and a lovely facial from the West Barn Co staff really made it a relaxing afternoon and truly self care focused.

    wellness durham yogatherapies west barn co

    Yoga classes were running during the day, and kids yoga too, which looked like it was well received! YogaTherapies run yoga classes in a range of locations in Newcastle and now in Durham too. I recently took part in their beginner course which was really interesting. I’ve shared some thoughts on this post about that and would definitely suggest giving yoga a go. It really is for everyone and a great way to switch off and spend an hour just focused on your breath and your space on the mat.

    Get reading

    Reading is a great way to switch off before bed, so instead of picking up your phone for another mindless scroll, pick up a book. You might commutes to work on public transport and could use that time to read and instead have a nice soak in a bubbly bath before bed.

    Take your time

    If you can only spare a few moments that’s just as valid as setting aside hours. The main focus here is you. There are some little changes you could make considering your impact on the environment too – like taking a reusable bag when you’re shopping, looking at cruelty free products – West Barn Co are all cruelty free (and I picked up some so I’ll share thoughts on them once I’ve been using them a while)  recycling where you can and trying to cut down on food wastage generally. Little things that can help to positively impact the environment may make you feel good too.

    What do you think? Let me know your thoughts on wellness and what it means to you.

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    Love this post Tasha. Definitely some things that I need to make more time for myself.



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