• Pizza Punks opens in Newcastle

    Hello Freckles Pizza Punks Newcastle Review Food
    The latest place to eat pizza has opened its doors to the public. 

    On Grey Street, Newcastle, you’ll find the first Pizza Punks in England! The restaurant already has eateries in Glasgow and Dublin – and has now expanded to Newcastle. Offering unlimited toppings (and I believe there’s about 50 to choose from in total) at one fixed price, great decor and a fantastic playlist, it’s the place to visit for pizza.

    I say fantastic playlist, assuming that you’re into Fleetwood Mac, Foo Fighters, Arctic Monkeys and Biffy Clyro like myself – however if you’re not into rock/alternative music then don’t worry, it’s not overpowering so you’ll still be able to hear your friends and enjoy your food.
    Hello Freckles Pizza Punks Newcastle
    Hello Freckles Pizza Punks Newcastle Restaurant Grey Street Review
    Hello Freckles Pizza Punks Newcastle Freakshakes
    Anyway, the food is the main reason you’re here (and the main subject I want to talk about – great playlists aside) so let’s get into it.

    You’ll notice that starters are classed as sides, and I think this works well. If you want them to arrive with your meal then let your server know, otherwise they are likely to come out as a starter. Some that may take your fancy, and I’ve tried myself are buffalo chicken wings (with some tasty blue cheese dip) to candied bacon, that my sister pretty much devoured – so that’s a good sign, to mac ‘n’ cheese. The mac and cheese can be loaded with a few different toppings: chorizo, jalepenos or candied bacon. Or have them all! I’m not judging.
    Hello Freckles Pizza Punks Newcastle Mac N Cheese
    Hello Freckles Pizza Punks Newcastle
    If you like, you can skip the starters/sides and go straight to the main event. Pizza. The gluten free base gets the thumbs up from both Anna and Lucy who I’ve taken along to Pizza Punks and it’s nice to see there’s no added surcharge for this option. Once you’ve picked your base, you then choose a sauce (red/white/bbq) cheese (mozarella, scamorza, goats, vegan, parmesan) and it’s into the fun part, picking your toppings. Some may surprise you; black pudding, irn bru pulled pork, mac ‘n’ cheese, haggis, potato, falafel… to name a few. I would recommend picking your toppings and tailoring the pizza to your tastes. The staff in Pizza Punks are really friendly and won’t mind you umming and ahhing over your choices for a few moments.

    If you can’t decide, there are some options on the menu and the Philly Cheesesteak Calzone is definitely on my list to try next!
    Hello Freckles Pizza Punks Newcastle gluten free
    Hello Freckles Pizza Punks Newcastle Mac N Cheese
    Hello Freckles Pizza Punks Newcastle Mac N Cheese
    Pizza Punks Newcastle Review Food
    It’ll come as no surprise, that I enjoyed the mac ‘n’ cheese as a side and also added it as a pizza topping. Never too much cheese, right? It tasted really good for my lunch the following day too. As those freakshakes mean business, that’s an actual slice of cheesecake sitting on mine, and Lucy’s vegan chocolate brownie freakshake was delicious too.

    Pizza Punks offer a lunch deal for those who don’t want a carb induced nap at the office but if you’re going for dinner, then go all out and have a pizza for £10 to yourself. If you can’t finish it, take it away and that’s breakfast or lunch tomorrow sorted. I would recommend booking ahead of going especially if there’s a group of you, as both times I’ve been (mid week early evening) it’s been pretty busy. Don’t let the thought of it being busy deter you, as service has never been an issue and the staff are always just a wave away from getting you another cocktail. Not that I’ve tried any of them yet. But next time…

    Have you been to Pizza Punks?  What toppings would you have?

    Pizza Punks invited me for dinner in exchange for review. I'm a big fan of pizza so all thoughts and love for mac 'n' cheese are my own.
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