• What I learned behind the scenes at McDonald’s

    Hello Freckles McDonalds Behind The Scenes FoodYes, you read that correctly, today I’m talking about McDonald’s. I should preface this with an honest raising of my hands, admitting I hadn’t been to McDonald’s since my university days. Yet, when I was invited along to find out more about their digital strategy and how they’re updating their restaurants, I was intrigued.

    Donning the apron, cap and my own name badge (thanks for the attention to detail there) I even had a go making my own Big Mac. Spoiler alert- I dropped the bun; clearly too excited to get toasting! I did try to rock that cap as well as I could…

    Hello Freckles McDonalds Behind The Scenes Food
    Hello Freckles McDonalds Behind The Scenes Food
    Hello Freckles McDonalds Behind The Scenes Food
    The new ‘Signature Collection’ with brioche buns, shows McDonald’s are trying to branch out and target another audience. Yes they’ll continue to serve your Big Mac, Filet O Fish or any other classic, but it’s nice to see them moving with the times and offering something that will appeal to a wider market.

    It’s also interesting to see how they’ve introduced their kiosks so you can personalise your order with ease. Don’t want lettuce, simply remove it, don’t want onions, just take them out. It’s handy that the screen can be resized for wheelchair users, or to allow children to place their order.

    One feature that they’ve introduced is the offer of table service. Yes, table service at McDonald’s; I was surprised too. But think about how many families you see in there, or even elderly visitors carrying several bags. It makes sense to place your order then go take a seat and have it brought across.

    Hello Freckles McDonalds Behind The Scenes Food
    Oh and obviously, I had to taste test a strawberry milkshake, as they were my favourite thing to get from McD’s in the past. Verdict: still just as good as I remembered – if you couldn’t tell by how happy I look, of course!

    Have you been to McDonald’s recently and seen any of their new features?

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