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    Byron Hamburgers Newcastle Food Hello Freckles Review
    Yesterday Byron were promoting a very generous offer that seemed to take Newcastle by storm; burgers for 25p. The restaurant only opened in the Monument area of the city a couple of weeks ago, with an official launch last week and it’s looking fairly popular.

    Byron Hamburgers Newcastle Food Hello Freckles Review
    Byron Hamburgers Newcastle Food Hello Freckles Review Menu
    After spending hours (and more money than I care to think about) embracing the student discounts in Eldon Square; Katy, Adam and I headed to Byron to refuel. Katy opted for the Cheese burger, Adam getting a Skinny hamburger (no bun) and a side salad and I went all out and chose the Smoky – though the Run Rarebit Run one did sound really good…once I’d already ordered mine!
    I’ve been to Byron once before, in York and while I enjoyed my burger it wasn’t really anything to write home about. That was a few years ago and I was willing to put that behind me and see what had changed for the chain since then.
    A burger in Byron (on a usual day without this promotion) will cost £8-10 then your side dishes are ordered separately, around £3 for a decent sized bowl of chips, or there’s mac and cheese, salads, courgette fries and sweet potato fries – which are brand new and typically, sold out by 8pm when we arrived!
    Byron Hamburgers Newcastle Food Hello Freckles Review
    Byron Hamburgers Newcastle Food Hello Freckles Review
    Byron Hamburgers Newcastle Food Hello Freckles Review
    Byron Hamburgers Newcastle Food Hello Freckles Review
    Byron Hamburgers Newcastle Food Hello Freckles Review
    The question I know you’re waiting to ask, how does it compare to Fat Hippo and well, the answer isn’t very easy to express. Fat Hippo burgers are unique; the double patty and brioche bun (and lots of bacon and onion jam – so sad my favourite burger has been retired, I’m sure I’ll embrace the PB&J more instead though) will never be beaten. There’s just something about the way they make their burgers, how the meat just falls apart in your mouth and the way the flavours work together.

    Byron on the other hand just has a different feel to it. They cook the burgers medium, leaving them a little pink in the middle and the bun to burger ratio is good. They also come served with a pickle on the side – as do Fat Hippo but really, aside from the fact they both serve burgers that’s where the similarities end. 

    Byron is huge, since it occupies what used to be H&M with an upstairs and basement, so it can easily fit in plenty of burger fans and the decor has a distinct American feel to it. Staff were attentive and their tees relate to their favourite burgers. I mean, if I can get my hands on a Cheese tee, I will quite happily wear that casually for work – I feel like I’m getting off topic. The point I’m trying to make is, they’re both different, Handmade Burger Co is different and so is Gourmet Burger Kitchen. We’ll each have our favourites, but you can still appreciate what the other restaurants have to offer.

    Anyway, the 25p offer came about due to Byron’s partnership with One Feeds Two, a great initiative you can read more about here. Their idea is to use hunger to end hunger. By buying something that has the One Feeds Two logo, you know you’re helping someone who needs it. So yesterday, Byron charged 25p for every burger on their menu and for every burger that was bought, a meal was provided for someone who really needed it. It’s a wonderful thought and goes to show even the smallest thing can make a difference.

    Byron Hamburgers Newcastle Food Hello Freckles Review

    Byron, my smoky burger was delicious whether that’s because I’d had a busy day at work, spent hours shopping in Eldon Square, or because I paid 25p for it and helped someone who needed a meal. I enjoyed my meal and I had great company. I’m sure I’ll be back soon. Even if I don’t have a burger and I opt for that Feta Salad… though who am I kidding, I can’t turn down a burger! Hopefully there’s some sweet potato fries left next time.

    Though one thing, I feel like one chicken option is a bit limited so I do hope that section of the menu expands in the future, along with your GF/DF offerings.

    You can see Byron’s menu here and I’d love to know if you’ve been before and what you thought.

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  • Reply Lucy H October 7, 2015 at 5:36 pm

    Sounds like a lovely place to eat – its so nice that they were giving a meal to people who really need it too:)

    Lucy | http://www.foreverseptemberr.blogspot.co.uk

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