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    Hello Freckles Cowshed Spa Carnaby Soho London
    Whilst in London recently, I visited Cowshed Spa – because what’s better than a day out enjoying exhibitions and shopping? A day out enjoying exhibitions, shopping and a spa treatment!

    Cowshed are a brand you’re probably already familiar with. started in 1998 in Babington, Somerset, the brand now have several spas just in London and a few in other parts of the UK too. The names of their products are pretty entertaining too – grumpy cow, for example, but they’re scents to enhance your mood, so after a grumpy cow massage for example, I’m sure you’d be a lot more relaxed!

    Hello Freckles Cowshed Spa Carnaby Soho London

    Hello Freckles Cowshed Spa Carnaby Soho London Treatment

    Hello Freckles Cowshed Spa Carnaby Soho London Body Scrub and Massage

    For our visit, we headed down Carnaby Street, to a little side street where the spa is located. It’s funny how much quieter the little streets are, when you’re just five minutes from Oxford Street! There’s a full price list here that details all the treatments on offer and different spas may offer different treatments, so do consider that before booking.

    We both had the Cowshed Salt Scrub and Massage, lasting 90 minutes. The treatment started with body brushing (which does feel quite rough, but leaves your skin so soft!) followed by a scrub, then a very relaxing massage. 

    All spas are a little different and the techniques used by Cowshed weren’t what I was used to (I say used to like I’m some spa expert….) but I’m certainly not complaining. When I’ve had scrubs and exfoliation treatments at Seaham Hall, the therapist leaves the room whilst you shower to rinse it off. At Cowshed Carnaby, Soho, they use hot towels to rinse it off. Like I say, it’s just a different technique.

    After the treatment (and the 5 minutes I spent lay on the bed not quite ready to move) I got dressed and headed back upstairs to the main shop area to sip on a coffee and try to wake myself up a little! Cowshed are relaxed and if you want to just be there for the treatment and leave, that’s fine, but equally you’re welcome to have a cuppa and relax reading a magazine if you’re not quite ready to face the busy world just yet.

    Typically, we headed into the spa in the sun, but we left in pouring rain, so I’ve not included any outdoor photos of the spa since I didn’t want to stand in the rain (without an umbrella) to take any! Instead we were heading down to our rooftop bar reservation (yes, in the rain) which you may have seen via this instagram photo

    I’m sure I’ll be back at Cowshed soon when I’m next visiting London and maybe I’ll call in for a manicure/pedicure next time! Have you been to a Cowshed spa? Which treatments would you recommend?

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  • Reply ellie July 22, 2015 at 3:05 pm

    I love cowshed stuff, their fragrances are all so unique not to mention smell amazing! Sounds like you had a lovely time – I definitely need to book myself in for a spa appointment asap! x

    ellie etc | a personal style & lifestyle blog

  • Reply The Nerdy Me July 23, 2015 at 7:12 am

    Looks like you got quite a relaxation 🙂 Never been to Cowshed as I am not from the UK but sounds like a great place to go.

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

  • Reply Jade Poppy July 27, 2015 at 1:11 pm

    Sounds lovely! I've walked past it a couple of times. I'd love a pedi 🙂 Great post, thanks xoxo


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