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    Hello Freckles #HappySkin The Body Shop Summer
    Summer; for some of us it’s a great time of year, the sun’s shining (sometimes) it’s warm enough to ditch the tights and you need no excuse to wear huge sunglasses. Sometimes your skin can get a little neglected, and feel dry, especially if you’re spending all day soaking up the rays. Today I’m sharing my secrets to #HappySkin.

    Hello Freckles #HappySkin The Body Shop Summer

    You don’t need a heavy moisturiser for summer, switch to something lighter like The Body Shop Vitamin C Glow Boosting Moisturiser*. You only need a small amount and it sinks in really quickly, so you can speed up your morning routine. It’s got a citrus, fresh scent which is great for waking you up! Follow it with the Instant Glow Enhancer* from the Vitamin C range to really give your skin a boost. You’ll look like you’ve had a full 8 hours of sleep, even if you didn’t, I won’t judge if watching one more episode of OITNB became 3 episodes…

    Use SPF
    Even on cloudy days those harmful rays can get through, so make sure you use a good SPF and apply regularly. I like to use Benefit Dream Screen on my face/neck as it’s more lightweight and still allows my skin to breathe. I can apply it either underneath foundation, after moisturiser, or pop a little on top if I’m on the go and I don’t get any weird smudgy lines. That being said, if you use a high coverage foundation, it might be time to switch to something a little lighter during the warmer months, Clinique’s CC cream is a good alternative to give a bit of colour.

    Stay Hydrated
    Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water during the day, especially when you’re at work, It’s easy to go a few hours without drinking anything when you get distracted on a task. I like to cut up some strawberries and pop them in my Infruition bottle. The flavour mixes into to water so you get refreshed without seeds and fruit everywhere. Keep your skin hydrated too with a spray you can keep in your back. The Caudalie one is good if you like mint, but lately I’m favouring this Energizing Spritz from the Vitamin C range as it shares that zesty orange scent.

    Remember Lip Balm
    I’m terrible for getting chapped lips in the winter from the cold air, but the warmer air can dry your skin out just as much. Keep a good lip balm with you during the day then pop a layer of something more nourishing on just before bed. Nuxe Reve de Miél is a blogger holy grail product which really lives up to the hype.

    Pick a Summer Scent
    Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess is the summer scent for me. The mix of coconut makes you feel like you’re in some tropical paradise, regardless of whether you are or not. It’s limited edition every year, so make sure you pick up a bottle before it’s too late!

    Let me know your top tips for keeping your skin happy during the summer and check out the new Vitamin C range at The Body Shop. You can see all the #HappySkin secrets from other bloggers here.

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