• 5 From This Month | April

    Hello Freckles 5 From This Month | April
    This month has flown over and so far I’ve not really had the opportunity to wear my new mac I bought especially for the April showers! It even got a trip over to the lakes and spent the whole day packed away in a bag. Anyway, here’s my favourite things from this month.

    The big news this month is Hello Freckles turned 2. I still don’t know whether to call it my blog birthday, or anniversary but either way, like I rambled on in this post, I’m so grateful to anyone who reads my blog and family, friends and even work colleagues who support what I do.
    Soppiness aside, simple things like the blossom on the trees and the way one of my cacti is flowering again, have brightened my month. We’ve had some lovely sunny days and I’ve really appreciated the little things like driving in my sunglasses and having my aircon on… You knew there was going to be a car mention in here somewhere!
    My new Daniel Wellington watch is a really nice alternative to my chunky rose gold one I received for my birthday. I picked the brown leather strap in an attempt to get me away from black. It’s a classic piece that will go with anything.
    For someone who always says they never go out, I’ve actually been out quite a lot this month. From getting press tickets to Wicked at Sunderland Empire, to getting up really early to queue up for James Bay tickets at Pop Recs, then rounding up the month with Ben Howard tickets I bought as part of my sister, Lucy’s birthday present. They’ve all been great, Wicked especially as it was really nice to share the experience with my Mam and Lucy and I’d never seen the musical before. I have previously seen Ben Howard but like I said in this post, it was a completely different venue and more focused on the whole show, rather than just the music. James Bay played a really intimate show and it was a bit surreal for someone who’s had a #1 album to be playing in a little venue in Sunderland, but that’s the beauty of Pop Recs.
    Nails Inc Swan Street was always going to feature since it’s been on my nails for the past two months almost constantly (aside from Brighton where I decided to go for a brighter essie shade) I’ve dedicated a whole post to explain why it’s so good and justify yet another nail varnish purchase.
    My instax saw a bit of use again this month when I took it with me to Brighton. I didn’t really have space to take my DSLR, especially since I really wanted to fit my gym kit in my case! I only took a few photos, since I didn’t want to waste my film, but I’m pleased with how they turned out and there’s something almost magical about watching the photo develop. Maybe it’s because I was stood watching the sunset as I watched one develop, either way, it’s really fun to use and something I’m going to try and take with me more often.
    Other things to mention from this month include: WearSlide – my first of three activities I’m taking part in to raise money for St Oswald’s Hospice, you can sponsor me here if you like, having lovely afternoon tea with my Mam and I’ll be blogging about that in the next week or so, that day in the lakes, having a few days away to myself in Brighton – even if it was for work, it was nice to just go somewhere new and have a change of scenery, challenging myself with the intention to reverse park every day at work this month. I have got better, so it’s been worthwhile!
    What’s stood out for you this month?

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  • Reply Jade Poppy April 30, 2015 at 8:35 pm

    Wicked is my absolute fav! Daniel Wellington watches are gorge and I always wear mine. I have an old school wide Polaroid which is huge so think I need to upgrade to todays technology. Great post. xo


  • Reply Rebecca Ellis May 4, 2015 at 10:49 am

    I really want to get my hands on a David Wellington watch, I've been obsessed with them since they came out but I still haven't managed to save for one haha 🙂 and Instax are perfect, especially on day trips x


  • Reply Chrissy Lilly May 5, 2015 at 8:16 am

    I'm dying for a Daniel Wellington watch! They're so classic and gorgeous! I've seen Wicked 3 times now.. a bit excessive?? haha. I'd say Ben Howard was amazing live!

    Chrissy x

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