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  • Sunday Summary #16

    Apologies for another late installment of my Sunday Summary! I’ve just got home from seeing Alkaline Trio tonight and my ears are ringing, hah.. anyway as always, I’ve been keeping myself…

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  • Sunday Summary #15

    There’s been a lot going on this week, let me take you through it! I went on a little road trip to Birmingham earlier this week, you can see my vlog…

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  • Sunday Summary #14

    It’s been a week filled with mixed emotions; both excitement and fear have been pretty high on the list! All will be explained… As you can see from the above collage,…

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  • Sunday Summary #13

    I know you’ve probably spotted the One Direction egg and began wondering, if you follow me on instagram, you’ll already know the story behind it. If not, don’t worry, all will…

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