Hello, I’m Tasha. I’m the face behind Hello Freckles, an award-winning lifestyle blog hailing from the North East of England. I set up Hello Freckles back in 2013 as a lifestyle blog, but it’s now more of a lifestyle and travel blog where I share stories about trips I’ve been on and what I’m up to in the North East and further afield on the weekends. 

Travelling is something I’m passionate about. I’m always keen to visit new places, to experience the culture and to try the local cuisine. It’s immersive, it stays with you and I’m keen to make the most of my annual leave allowance. That’s right, I blog alongside working full time in a communications role. 

Want to work with me on your latest campaign, or discuss something more generally? Feel free to email me: ohhellofreckles@gmail.com 

Thanks for reading!