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    Happy New Year! I’m not one for new year resolutions – in fact I read something interesting about how it’s better to adapt existing habits than try to completely overhaul your routine.

    Inspired by my friend Debbie, who had a list of 23 for 2023… I’ve made a list of 24 for 2024. 24 ‘things’ I’d like to do. They’re not resolutions, they’re as vague as ‘take a solo trip’ and as specific as ‘visit The Canny Goat’. But they’re achievable things, hopefully. I’ll review at the end of the year (not that I’m wishing the next 361 days away of course… but let’s see how I get on – I’ll share updates on instagram as we go)

    Hello Freckles sea dip New Year's Day new year goals 24 for 2024

    My 24 for 2024

    1. Read 12 books. That’s one per month. I’m sure I can manage that!
    2. Monthly sea dips. January already ticked off with New Year’s Day, but again, it should be achievable.
    3. Continue my Duolingo streak – maybe even visit Spain?!
    4. Visit The Canny Goat for coffee
    5. Enjoy a meal at St Vincent. This restaurant has been on my radar for ages. I nearly visited for my birthday meal last year (but opted for Indian instead) so I want to find some time this year.
    6. Go stargazing. This could be Kielder Observatory, watching a meteor shower from a dark space closer to home or even when I take a trip to South Wales again in the summer. There’s something really humbling about looking up at the night sky and picking out constellations.
    7. Explore The Cheviots
    8. Visit Baristocracy for coffee. I came across Baristocracy at one of Hive’s markets and I’d love to head along to their roastery and try a cup!
    9. Make chocolate at La Chocolatrice
    10. Visit Newton by the Sea, Craster and Dunstanburgh in the summer. So I recently went to Low Newton and Newton by the Sea in winter, it was lovely but I’d like to see it in the summer. There was a trail race I did that went along the Northumberland coast, however I’d like to visit for a leisurely run, walk, stroll.
    11. See the Aurora Borealis again in the North East and take my camera! I’ve seen it twice last year, both times trying to capture a quick photo on my phone, so I’ve now downloaded one of the tracking apps and I hope I can get out with my DSLR this year and capture it – just for my own memories really. I’m not about to get into night sky photography…
    12. Hire a boat in Knaresborough. This would be a lovely day out (and could also tie in to some parkrun touristing to York/Fountains Abbey)
    13. Make pottery – or try to!
    14. Take a trip to the Lake District. It’s been ages since my last trip to the lakes so I’d love to get back across for a hike, tick off a couple of Wainwrights, maybe a spa break too.
    15. Set a new marathon PB in Chicago! Yep. I’m off to do my third major marathon in October and supposedly, Chicago is a quicker course than Berlin sooooo… in theory I should be able to do this. How much of a PB I get, that depends on my training!
    16. Qualify for Boston Marathon. So technically, the time I ran in Berlin should qualify me for Boston 2025, but the dreaded ‘cut off’ time might mean I’ve got to try again. For now, I’m keeping my fingers tightly crossed that 3:24 is enough.
    17. Do more trail running. It’s fun, it’s muddy (in winter) and there’s great views.
    18. Reach 200 parkruns (at time of writing I’m on 163 so this should be done and dusted by the end of August if I don’t miss a week!)
    19. Visit Blanchland in the daylight. So this might seem like a strange one but I ran a trail race in Blanchland in December and while it was one of the more ridiculous things to do (gale force winds, sleet on the moors, pitch black and head torch was a mandatory piece of kit) it was great fun. Though, because it was at night I didn’t see any of the scenery, just a lot of mud, big puddles and outlines of trees. So I’d like to go back and do that route again in the day, maybe in slightly better weather too.
    20. Focus on strength training. In order to set new PBs, I need to be stronger so making sure I build strength training into my running routine is key.
    21. Treat myself to a tasting menu at Coarse or Faru.
    22. Cook my own paella. I LOVE Spanish food and any chance to order paella when I’m out I’ll jump at, but I’ve never cooked one, so it’s going on the list.
    23. Visit Holy Island. Never been, I wanna see what it’s all about and my friend Jamie has shared a fantastic blog post which will be my guide to follow!
    24. Take a solo trip. Not sure why this is the last one on the list, but there’s no real order to these 24 ideas. Whether this is a day trip somewhere, overnight trip in the UK or I jet off for a city break. I quite like a solo trip and I think prioritising some time for myself is a good idea.

    What’s on your list? Does this inspires you to think of 24 for 2024? (You can make a shorter list if it seems too daunting).

    ps I’ll be continuing to support other small local businesses and coffee places. In fact I’ve got some content ideas around that area which you’ll see soon enough, hopefully!

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