• Sushi School at YO! Sushi

    Making sushi rolls faster than you can say wasabi.

    I had a great time attending sushi school at YO! Sushi. Intu Metrocentre invited me along to experience one of the masterclasses which last around an hour and a half to two hours, taking place at their restaurants.

    I headed along straight from the office so was hoping I’d get a chance to sample my creations as I went. Luckily that was the case, but as you’ll see I did take quite the sushi platter home with me.

    Making the sushi rolls

    There was only a handful of us attending sushi school, which kept things relaxed and also meant we could move through the different dishes fairly quickly. 

    Each space had a rolling mat, gloves and some seasoning available. I quickly put my gloves on  and sipped on green tea, eager to get started.

    First up we made a Chicken Katsu roll. Getting a handful of sticky rice, I stuck this to the nori – that seaweed that forms the basis for most sushi rolls. Flipping it over so the rice was on the outside, I then added the chicken katsu, a little avocado and it was time to roll.

    For my first attempt I was a little tough on the avocado, there’s a bit of an art to rolling and I definitely need to practice a little more. Top tip though – cover your mat in clingfilm to stop the rice sticking to it.

    Cucumber Maki was up next. This one forms a more rectangular shape so instead of rolling, I was trying to fold it to have a distinctive shape. For beginners, I would recommend trying this out. It looks more difficult than it actually is, and they taste great!

    I found the Salmon hand roll fairly straightforward to make. Don’t be put off by the word ‘roll’ this one is easy, just fold it over in your hand to form a parcel and enjoy! Or add it to your platter to take away.

    Salmon Nigiri is a popular dish and one I like to order. It’s really easy to prepare too. Forming two balls of rice and rolling them out to be more cylindrical, place the salmon on top and you’re good to serve.

    Trying my sushi

    I did try a few pieces as we made each dish, but I wanted to have plenty left to take home.

    It was delicious and not just because I made it myself, but I think as I was giving my dishes a taste test along the way, I could decide how much seasoning I liked and give the next roll a bit of a kick. I swapped chicken for tofu for one of the rolls and this was a nice opportunity to give crispy tofu a go, which paired really well with cucumber.

    Sushi school classes cost £30pp and are available across restaurants. For more details and to book see the Yo! Sushi website.

    I was invited along to Sushi School by Intu Metrocentre in exchange for review - all thoughts are my own.
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