• Dreaming of a Luxury Winter Retreat

    Utah Deer Valley Holiday Home Luxury RentalsHands up, who would like a change of scenery? At this time of year I bet quite a few of you would. 

    With seemingly constant grey skies, cold winds and limited hours of daylight, it’s not really the cheeriest time of year. Yes the sunrises and sunsets are especially vivid (on those days where the clouds stay away) but this cold weather gets me dreaming about faraway destinations and those places I’d like to visit.

    One of the destinations I want to visit is America. Now I know it’s a huge, huge country and obviously I’m drawn to visiting places like New York (because who doesn’t want to pretend to be Carrie from SATC. Maybe I’ll find my Mr Big there.. or maybe I’ll just eat loads of pizza. Probably the latter. But regardless, it’s on the list) Los Angeles, San Francisco… the list goes on. The west coast especially would be somewhere I’d love to visit in late spring or even summer, but I feel like a trip to America would be great at any time of year!

    But aside from the cities, landmarks and tourist spots that appeal to me; I’m keen to explore the out-in-the-wilderness side of America. I’m talking about landscapes, long drives, those lodges in the countryside filled with character, mountains and lakes and maybe even snow, depending on the state and what time of year you should visit.

    So, with a somewhat constant air of wanderlust, I’ve been browsing holiday homes for rent in Utah. The western state is known for scenery and a range of outdoor activities and sports. State capital, Salt Lake City was first introduced to me being the host of the Winter Olympics back in 2002. Fast forward 14-15 years and it’s coincidental I guess that a friend spent some time growing up there too, which prompted me to go back and research what the state had to offer. Of course I can’t deny that the Olsen twin classic film, Getting There, definitely has some influence on me taking an interest in Utah and indeed Park City in particular.

    Utah Holiday Home Deer Valley Luxury Retreats

    I’m keen to open my eyes and see more nature this year. Yes I love a city break and getting lost in winding streets, trying to speak the native language, sampling local cuisines and soaking up as much culture as possible in a few days but this kind of holiday is much more laid back, a lot slower paced. And I can’t imagine anything better than being outdoors and forgetting about social media and any worries for a while. With the vast amount of scenery to see within the national parks in the state; Zion, Bryce Canyon and Arches. I can trek until sunset.

    The Deer Valley area looks amazing. Huge homes, some with hot tubs or pools and incredible views across the landscape. I can just imagine being out hiking and exploring all day, then heading back to cosy up after dinner imagining what it would be like to call a home like this one my own.

    Utah Holiday Homes Luxury Retreats

    It’s easy to get carried away looking at Luxury Rentals and sometimes I like to browse just to see the decor in the homes. I’m sure I’m not the only one, right? Take for example Sky Villa, an incredibly dreamy home with stunning floor to ceiling windows offering unrivaled views of the mountains, on and a hot tub and pool too. Perfect. That living room set up is something special too, I immediately spotted the piano. Of course, you pay a premium price to rent a home like this.

    For something a little smaller, there’s Residence at Blackstone, within Canyons Village area of Park City.  I mean look at that view from the bedroom window. It’s just incredible. I’m sure if I had a view like that from my window, I certainly wouldn’t take it for granted. I really like the contrast of the blue furniture, white walls and the darker kitchen units. Oh and there’s a hot tub, as if it couldn’t get any better!

    Then if you want to really feel like you’re staying in a chalet in the alps, there’s The Cottage at The Canyons. With high ceilings and lots of character, this is bound to be a place to leave a lasting memory. Even better, if you stay during the winter months you have access to miles of trails to ski and board all day. Off-season, the trails become hiking or even mountain biking routes.

    So I guess what I’m saying is, I want to plan a winter holiday to Utah and spend equal amounts of time snowboarding and exploring the scenery, with relaxing in a hot tub. A girl can dream, right? I’ve already unofficially decided that 2018 is the year for travelling; though because I’ve now typed that, does it make it official? Either way, I do have something exciting lined up – so keep posted on social media if you’re keen to find out more about that. Eeek!

    Which destinations are on your list for 2018?

    Collaborative post with Luxury Retreats. Photos are taken from the website.
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