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    As we’re fast approaching the end of 2016, it seems only appropriate that I take some time out to reflect on the year.

    There’s been some great moments – seeing one of my best friends get married, visiting Barcelona, trips away to The Lake District, seeing Beyoncé live (though without singing Single Ladies, what’s up with that Bey?) and the unexpected start of a new relationship, to name a few! 
    But as always, you take the good with the bad and there’s been a fair share of downs along the way. Some of which, too personal to air on Hello Freckles and some which I let get to me way more than they should’ve – good ol’ hindsight there, but if you’d told me back then, that in 3/4 months time I wouldn’t be bothered about it anymore, or I’d find a way to let comments pass over me, I probably wouldn’t have believed you. All things considered, I’ve learnt a lot this year and I’m ready to make some changes moving forward into 2017. This isn’t some ‘new year, new me’ type of conversation here, no drastic haircuts, changing cars or wardrobe overhauls. Just a few changes here and there to make me happier and in turn make those around me a little happier too.

    Life’s too short to be unhappy, basically. So if you’re drifting from friends who aren’t giving you the attention you deserve – let them go, you’ll find new ones and I’ve realised it’s really not about how many friends you’ve got. Yes, back in school it was great to feel like the popular one, but it’s about the quality of the friendships and knowing who has your back and who will praise your achievements when you’re not around. The same applies if you’re not happy in your job, where you’re living, whatever it is. Only you have the power to take the first step to change things.

    I’m really proud of Hello Freckles this year and I’ve tried to constantly push myself to create better content. From asking my boyfriend to take photos when we go away somewhere, or even out for coffee (the amount of coffee mug shots he’s taken for me is quite silly) asking for advice from family members and taking risks, it’s all paid off and here’s to more opportunities next year. 

    I’m not saying I’ve achieved everything I set out to this year; I haven’t hit some blog targets I set myself, haven’t ran another 10k or attempted to do pull ups, in fact I’ve not been to the gym for several weeks, but that’s okay! Sometimes you just have to take things one day at a time and if you decide you want a glass of wine (or several) on a Friday night after an awful day/week at work, then get your shoes on and go.

    Rather than end this on a sour note, or as it seems, some strange tangent about driving wine, here’s the top moments that stood out for me this year and links to relevant posts if they’ve been covered on Hello Freckles.

    – That summer wedding and being able to wear this amazing girly dress

    – A much needed sunny Barcelona city break and trying sangria for the first time!

    – An amazing stay at Daffodil Hotel in the Lake District

    – Lots of cinema visits – top films being Arrival, Deadpool, Nocturnal Animals, Demolition and Zootopia

    – Theatre trips to see Billy Elliot, American Idiot, The Tempest ballet and Rocky Horror

    Edinburgh trips – I spent a week there in the summer, then took another trip to the Scottish capital with Lewis, as part of his birthday present.

    – Spending time with family – playing charades for near enough two hours on Christmas Day, out for burgers at Fat Hippo, or just popping out somewhere. 

    – Reading more books – The Girl on The Train, Room and working my way through Disclaimer now. Yes Lucy, I actually read some (well the ones you gave me to read!)

    – Attending fun blogging events and having some exciting opportunities to work with companies. Something I never take for granted!

    – Appreciating the little things – like my bag matching doors, finding the last pair of shoes in your size, being made cups of tea before you’ve even asked for one and laughing so much your stomach hurts and there’s tears rolling down your cheeks.

    What stood out for you in 2016? Any particular highlights? 

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