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    Hello Freckles 5 From This Month March Nike Air Max Zero iPhone 6s Rose Gold
    Well here we are at the end of March. The first quarter of the year (nearly) over, lighter nights well and truly here and I don’t know about you, but there’s a lot of chocolate around…

    This month’s been a busy one. Just glancing at my diary I can see I’ve managed to pack a lot in from the lack of free space! It’s basically been a juggling act of going to the gym, work, press events and using up the last of my holiday allowance. Sounds easy enough, right, but when your alarm is going off at 5:40am to tell you to get up for a spin class, that’s a whole other story…

    I say that, but I’ve really enjoyed getting back into the gym and I’m trying to get there at least 3 times a week, usually doubling up my classes too because I like a good challenge. Body Combat being my new favourite, though I need to work on my jump kicks and Body Pump left me aching for days!

    So aside from training and flashing my super pale legs at the gym, what else have I been up to? Well, I went along to Jesmond Dene House, the boutique hotel in Newcastle, for breakfast (with a glass of fizz) made giant hot cross buns, took a trip down to Tynemouth (more on that next week) I’ve spent way too much money – I’m looking at you All Saints, Nike and shiny new iPhone… Though let me explain; you work hard and you reward yourself, right?

    This month I passed my probation at work (meaning they think I’m decent and I’m now a fully official employee) and that’s something I wanted to celebrate, so a trip to All Saints was justified, along with the new iPhone which was on a decent deal and was something I’d been waiting to buy for some time. Then the Nikes, well it was Air Max Day and this pair were the new release on the day, so what can I say? I never thought I was a pink person (for shoes at least) but these just caught my eye, and they matched the new manicure I’d had just an hour earlier.

    What’s stood out for you this month? Tell me about your latest achievements too, let’s share the positivity!

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