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    From spinning, to running; whatever you do to keep fit, I like to wear something I feel comfortable in (none of those short shorts for me!) but confident too. It’s no good throwing on a baggy t shirt and worrying the entire time that you might look a bit sweaty, so invest in some key sportswear pieces and you’ll be more inclined to work out – you don’t want that money going to waste now, do you?

    Hello Freckles Gym Bag Sportswear Fitness New Look Nike
    There’s plenty of sportswear out there and if you’re not looking to kit yourself head to toe in Nike, Adidas etc. you can get some great pieces from the high street. New Look have a great sportswear range covering everything from your workout gear, to looser yoga pieces and even swimwear. Of course I’m truly converted to my Nike trainers and I can’t see that ever changing, but when it comes to leggings and vests I’m not too bothered if it’s got a swoosh or not. 
    So here’s a quick run down of what you’d typically find in my gym bag; leggings*, usually 3/4 length, a vest* – I don’t usually wear a t shirt to the gym and I like loose cut vests/muscle style tees with cut off sleeves to show off a brightly coloured sports bra underneath (this here isn’t actually a sports bra, but a pretty cute cropped top* that would pair nicely with these leggings and be good for low impact stuff, or worn over your sports bra) socks* – don’t ever forget your socks! water and plenty of it, usually a banana or some kind of snack for pre/post workout, Nike Free 5.0 trainers and my phone for music.
    Looking for some playlist inspiration? Here’s some songs that can always get me motivated:
    Sigala – Sweet Lovin’
    99 Souls – The Girl Is Mine (feat.Destiny’s Child & Brandy)
    Kanye West – Stronger
    Foo Fighters – Monkey Wrench
    Rage Against The Machine – Bulls on Parade
    Let me know what’s in your gym bag and what songs you’ve got on your playlist!

     photo signature1_zps4dd0b58d.jpg

    Thanks to New Look for letting me pick out some sportswear. All opinions, photos and music choices are my own – what can I say, I like a variety and I stopped before I added some JT or Britney to that list…

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  • Reply Lauren Parker February 19, 2016 at 4:12 pm

    Ive really been getting into fitness a lot more recently! Makes me happy to see Kayla on the cover of that magazine too!

    Lauren| thatgirlcalledlauren.blogspot.co.uk

  • Reply Khris Wilson March 23, 2016 at 8:18 pm

    I keep face wash in my bag so I cleanse my skin before the sweat sets into my open pores.

    Monster by Kanye West is my go-to workout song.

    xo Krista | http://www.kristareneewilson.con

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