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    Hello Freckles #WearYourHeart Radley Sweetheart BHF Campaign
    You could be fooled into thinking this is another Valentine’s orientated post today and you’d be wrong (for the most part) as I actually want to talk about Radley and their amazing collaboration with The British Heart Foundation; a charity that’s very close to my heart (no pun intended).

    Hello Freckles #WearYourHeart Radley Sweetheart BHF Campaign

    Radley have designed this cute limited edition heart shaped purse and a matching purse, with profits going to The British Heart Foundation, to support their endless research into heart disease.

    Talking about heart disease and indeed any kind of close family matters isn’t something I’m particularly open about. You’ll know if you read this post from last year, I sometimes find it hard to write my feelings down in a way that makes sense and without wanting to overshare personal matters online. But then I heard about this campaign Radley were working on and I just had to be part of it.

    Heart disease is something we should talk about and so Radley want to encourage you to #WearYourHeart on twitter, or instagram and tag someone who’s helped you and give them a little shout out. It could be something small like thanking a friend for that coffee, a work colleague for helping you out with a difficult task, or someone who’s always gone that extra mile for you.

    And yes, whilst it’s February, I guess the sweetheart bag and purse would make a pretty cute gift if you’re looking for something a little more special – see I didn’t say there couldn’t be a link to Valentine’s Day, but it’s certainly not my main focus today (or even this year, dare I put it out there!)

    However you choose to support The British Heart Foundation is up to you, but please do help us fight for every heartbeat.

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    This post is not sponsored by Radley or BHF but is to raise awareness of their collaboration and the wonderful things that can happen when brands work with charities. Show your support if you can – even if it’s just a #WearYourHeart tweet.

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