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    Hello Freckles Kern Fitness EMS Training

    I like to think I’m fairly fit; yes I don’t run as much as I’d like to (waiting for those lighter nights/mornings to be back!) but I do try to get to my spinning classes; so when I was invited along to Kern Fitness to try out EMS training, I was very curious.

    Hello Freckles Kern Fitness EMS Training Session

    So what is EMS and how does it work? Well, EMS or Electro Muscular Stimulation is a milliamp current that’s completely harmless that activates our muscles directly via electrodes.

    Not to scare you off from continuing to read, but here I am fully kitted up and ready to go with a vest, straps on my arms, legs, back and bum. These straps have the electrodes in to send impulses to your muscles. It sounds like it could be painful, but it certainly isn’t, it just feels…weird I guess! You soon get used to it though and I can only try to liken it to massage chairs and spa jets; they feel like they’re putting pressure on your body but it’s not painful. That’s the best way I can describe it, but you’ll really have to experience it for yourself!

    I was introduced to Carra, my personal trainer for the session. She’s such a friendly, chatty girl (who I knew already so it was great to catch up whilst training) and I never at any point felt awkward, self conscious or unable to ask questions – that’s the bonus of having a PT and knowing someone can check your form is right and you won’t injure yourself. 

    Before we got started, she explained a little more about how EMS training works and importantly; the benefits to going to Kern for your workouts. Imagine you’re doing some bicep curls, doing one with EMS is the equivalent of doing 85 reps. EMS works your muscles harder and you can have the equivalent of a 3 hour workout in 20 minutes. Perfect for fitting into your lunch break! 

    What’s even better – they’ll provide your black top and leggings to wear, so you don’t have to remember your gym kit. It’s entirely up to you if you want to wear trainers or go barefoot – further down the line you might choose to wear trainers depending on what exercises you’re doing, but that’s something you’d determine with your exercise plan.

    Because all sessions have a personal trainer, you can really tailor your work out – if you want to focus on arms, legs, building strength, whatever it might be. My taster covered a range of things from squats to crunches to planking. It absolutely flew by and I didn’t ache too much in the days to follow. My arms were a bit sore the following morning and I found my abs ached when I sneezed and gradually became more achy over the course of the day, but nothing I couldn’t handle. If anything, I quite like that post-workout ache.

    Would I go again? Definitely! I’d recommend it if you’re looking for something different to try, you perhaps don’t have time to fit in several gym sessions a week and want the one-on-one guidance you can have with a personal trainer. Kern Fitness recommend a maximum of two sessions a week, so it’s great to fit in to a busy schedule!

    Have you tried any EMS training, is it something you’d be interested in?

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    Thanks Kern for inviting me along to get strapped up, plugged in and give EMS a go! For more information on EMS and Kern Fitness visit their website. Say hi to Carra for me if you do go along and give it a go.

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