• Sunday Summary | Hello (nearly) December

    Hello Freckles Edinburgh Christmas Market

    So this week I’ve seen The Hunger Games, Mockingjay part 2 (really good and I’m still planning to get round to reading the books; though that was my intention back when I saw the first film) been to an engagement party for a work colleague and had a (slightly shorter) trip to Edinburgh.

    It’s definitely feeling more like Winter, especially in Edinburgh with the wind (and rain bouncing off the ground at the castle this morning) the dark afternoons and of course, their Christmas market. Having been to Berlin a couple of years ago, I seem to compare every Christmas market to their ‘proper markets’ and whilst I don’t think you’ll find a bratwurst that’ll taste as good in Edinburgh, I still love having a wander around and a mulled wine. There’ll be more about Edinburgh in a post next week, but it really is such a great city to visit whether you’re going in August for the Fringe, December for Christmas or New Year, or any time of year!

    This week I’ve shared my thoughts on Seaham Hall’s Festive Afternoon Tea, which they’re serving throughout December and something a little different, my trip to Allura Lingerie in Morpeth. There’s still time to enter my giveaway if you’re interested in winning some Kate Spade stationery.

    I’m still struggling to believe it’s December on Tuesday; this year has flown over! Seems like it was summer just a few weeks ago and now it’s definitely chunky knit and cosy scarf weather. 

    What’ve you been up to this week?

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