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    Hello Freckles LUSH Christmas 2015 Fun Snowman

    It’s November, so I can officially talk about Christmas without anyone grumbling, right? Well either way, today I’m telling you all about what you can pick up from Lush to get you feeling festive, or to spread that cheer – I know, I sound like a Who from Whoville…

    Hello Freckles LUSH Christmas 2015 Bath Bombs

    I’ll start with bath bombs and there’s plenty of familiar products and scents for 2015. Butterbear returns and there’s even a Butterbear gift tin too. Cinders has returned with that warm fruity scent, So White returns for crisp apples covered in bergamot and rose and of course Father Christmas with that super sweet scent.

    Hello Freckles LUSH Christmas 2015 Butterbear

    Hello Freckles LUSH Christmas 2015 Yog Nog Bath Bomb

    Dashing Santa, the sparkly Golden Wonder (also available alcohol free online) and Luxury Lush Pud, which is a comforting, colourful event, all return too.  Yog Nog is back but it’s also in bath bomb form. The spicy cloves mixed with cinder toffee make a relaxing blend to soothe after a busy day. Shoot For The Stars is bright and sweet complete with little stars to transform your bath into the night sky. Star Dust isn’t one I remember from last year but this vanilla and rosewood scent is quite floral and something a little less ‘in your face’ festive.

    Hello Freckles LUSH Christmas 2015 Peeping Santa

    Hello Freckles LUSH Christmas 2015 Bah Humbug

    Hello Freckles LUSH Christmas 2015 Holly Golightly

    Hello Freckles LUSH Christmas 2015 Five Gold Rings

    Hello Freckles LUSH Christmas 2015 Magic of Christmas Wand

    Moving onto Bubble Bars and there’s no penguin or hedgehogs this year (which I’m a little bit sad about) but there is Peeping Santa, with the familar triangular shape. The strawberry and shea butter is a slightly different scent for Christmas. Alongside the different scents, there’s Bar Humbug which is great for those grinch types or anyone who likes liquorice. Holly Golightly is a familiar one from last year and reminds me of Sparkly Pumpkin as you will resemble a disco ball after bathing with this. Candy Mountain has returned for another year with its sweet sugary scent. New for 2015 is Five Gold Rings; a bubble bar you can easily get 10-15 baths from, just crumble a piece into running water and enjoy a glimmering gold, vanilla bath.

    Snow Angel is the bath melt from the festive range, with the same formula as last year and still just as moisturising. Two reusable bubble bars are available; Magic Wand with that ever-popular sweet, snow fairy fragrance and The Magic of Christmas with a blend of cloves, almonds and spice, served on a cinnamon stick.

    Baked Alaska makes a stunning citrus return alongside Snowcake, an all time favourite with the marzipan scent, Yog Nog, Reindeer Rock – which is purple rather than red this year, plus Old Father Time. This is a new one which looks like a cog from a Grandfather clock, with a scent of sage and thyme. 

    Hello Freckles LUSH Christmas 2015 Yog Nog Soap

    Hello Freckles LUSH Christmas 2015 Snow Fairy and Rose Jam Shower

    Hello Freckles LUSH Christmas 2015 Christingle Body Conditioner

    For the shower fans; Snow Fairy has returned – well it had to! Alongside Rose Jam (yay, I’ll be stocking up) and shower jellies include Snowman, a delicious blackcurrant scent with a playful shape and Santa’s Belly, vegan red wine and fresh apple juice with little stars inside – just the trick to wake you up on a morning.

    A few other shower products include The Icing On The Cake, a shower smoothie and if you’re a long-time lover of Lush, you may remember an orange coloured shower gel, Ponche? It has that scent! Salt and Peppermint Body Scrub to invigorate and keep your skin soft then Christingle Body Conditioner with a tingly peppermint scent that’s got a warming feel on the skin.

    Hello Freckles LUSH Christmas 2015 Santa Lip Scrub

    Hello Freckles LUSH Christmas 2015 Face Mask

    Hello Freckles LUSH Christmas 2015 Gift

    Skincare sees the return of Buche De Noel, a cleanser similar to Angels on Bare Skin but with a cranberry twist, Cranberry face mask to leave your skin soft and nourished and Santa’s lip balm and that scrub that smells and tastes like cola bottle sweets. 

    Then of course there’s a few new Fun colours (snakes and ladders smells particularly lovely) and an array of gifts, that’s if you can bring yourself to give them to someone else. There’s a few I’d like to treat myself to… Well, why not?!

    I’m getting into the festive spirit a bit earlier this year (although I’ve not actually started my shopping) and taking part in a little secret santa with one of the top department stores. Exciting. I’m also planning to put together a little Christmas giveaway soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that! 

    What catches your eye from LUSH’s Christmas range this year?

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  • Reply Rachel Spiteri November 4, 2015 at 10:20 am

    Great post! I love Lush at this time of year and just posted a Lush haul on my blog too! I'm quite sad about the lack of Christmas penguin this year 🙁 He was so cute last year and smelt amazing!!

    Rachel | Beauty and the Bird / Win a MAC lipstick on my blog!

  • Reply The Nerdy Me November 4, 2015 at 4:01 pm

    So many nice Christmasy things this year! I need to go and do a big shopping spree there for sure 🙂

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

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