• 5 From This Month | September


    That time again, where I go through my favourite things from the past month.

    First up, that Radley bag. I revealed the story about finally tracking it down in this post and since I bought it, I’ve used it daily. It’s the right size to fit lunch in for work and I can just about squeeze my camera in with an extra prime lens. 

    Replica ‘Flower Market’* by Maison Margiela is such a girly, floral scent and although I don’t like to use it daily – it’s a little too special for that – it’s definitely one of my favourites. 

    I’ve been really into curling my hair this month, since I’m probably due a haircut to get some texture and layers back. I’ll get round to booking an appointment at some point soon… In the mean time, Bumble and Bumble Surf Infusion has been making my second (and sometimes even third) day hair look beachy and undone, but still acceptable for work. 

    It was my birthday at the weekend and I’m so pleased to have an iPad Mini again! I had one for work at my last job, but handed it back in, along with my expenses credit card – which surprisingly, I miss less than having an iPad. It’s nice to have one that’s my own now and it’ll be great for blogging on the go and catching up with tv and no doubt, Netflix in bed… I just need to get a decent case first before I dare to take it anywhere.

    There’s been a few cinema trips this month; Inside Out, Legend and Everest. I’d have to say, Inside Out was probably my favourite of them all, but then again I always love a good Pixar film that can tug on the ol’ heartstrings. Just when you think it’s safe, they hit you with emotions and no, there’s no pun intended given the storyline of Inside Out. Legend was great, but for completely different reasons and I can’t think of any film I’ve seen Tom Hardy in, that I didn’t enjoy. Even Mad Max Fury Road, which was a bit different, but I still enjoyed it, I think. Everest, while visually stunning, lacked narrative in places and I didn’t feel like I connected with many characters other than Rob, his wife and the guys on base camp.

    Other highlights from this month include; starting my new job, looking back on my week in Edinburgh for the TV Festival, trying out new Molton Brown products, visiting 3 spas in the space of a week – only one was an actual spa afternoon, the others were for events – all will be featured on here over the next few weeks, taking part in a Charity Barreathon and aching tremendously for days afterwards and y’know, my birthday too!

    What’s stood out for you this month?

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