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    Hello Freckles Sunday Summary AC DC Glasgow
    This week has been so busy, building up ready for a really busy week at work (which should hopefully be a lot of fun too) I can’t believe we’re nearly in July already too, posting my 5 From This Month earlier this week felt strange, as though I’d only just written one a couple of weeks ago! Anyway, here’s my usual round up for the week.

    As you read this, I’ll be in Glasgow – just for the day, then back home ready for work bright and early tomorrow morning! AC/DC announced a tour a while ago and for Christmas I bought tickets for us all to go. My Dad saw them back in the 80s and I thought it’d be a nice family thing to do, as well as a pretty good present – even if I do say so myself! Obviously it’s going to be a late night followed by a very early morning, but it’ll be worth it!

    So aside from work this week I’ve managed to fit in a cinema trip to finally see Jurassic World, Nando’s and eating so much food yesterday which I’m trying to justify with the reasoning, it’s all in the name of blogging and having content to share on Hello Freckles… I really enjoyed Jurassic World, nice surprise appearance from Jake Johnson, better known as Nick Miller in New Girl and Chris Pratt was really good. I still can’t make my mind up about Bryce Dallas Howard; she was really good but how did her hair go from being so straight to wavy in a matter of seconds?! 

    On a more serious note, I was devastated to hear a blogger was caught up in the horrific attack in Tunisia this week. Someone I can’t say I knew well, but I had spoken to her on occasions, seen the odd tweet/like on instagram and she won one of my giveaways a little while ago. Things like this are devastating enough regardless, but it just hits home a little harder when it’s one of us. I see blogging as a community and I think the news came as a big shock to all of us.

    I’ll be back on Tuesday with something a little food orientated!

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