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    Hello Freckles 5 From This Month  May

    It’s time for my monthly round up where I share my top five things from this month.

    I started watching Suits maybe two weeks ago now and I’m already halfway through season 3. I think I need to slow down! I went through a phase of not liking Harvey Specter but now I’ve warmed to him again. Mike Ross is still definitely my favourite character, for obvious reasons, and he comes out with some of the best lines. There’s a little appearance from Lord Varys from GoT too, except he’s wearing a Suit rather than robes. I’d really recommend it if you’re looking for a new series to watch. The humour, the story and the music are all just great!

    Whilst I was in Leeds for a work conference, I had time to pop into Victoria’s Secret. I obviously picked up some underwear and some of the body sprays. It was a dificult decision though since they all smell so lovely. This one, ‘Love Spell’ is a fruity, floral scent.

    It’ll be no surprise that one of my highlights from this month was running my first 10k. I completed it in around 58 minutes which for my first attempt, and the horrendous wind and rain, is pretty good! I definitely want to find another 10k to do, there’s one in Gateshead in July that’s currently looking pretty tempting.

    A couple of weeks ago I headed to Fenwick in Newcastle for a bloggers events which I blogged about here. It was great to be invited along and have a pamper at the counters and find out about Fenwick Beauty Week.

    Sandals like these above seem to be the new ‘in’ thing and luckily we’ve actually had some sun lately. I’ve even considered baring my legs on a few occasions, considered being the key word there, as I’m yet to actually go without tights! Primark have so many good sandals in lately, I even picked up a couple more pairs last week. A girl needs options, right?

    Other things that stood out this month include: being on Dorothy Perkins’ website for the new #DPDressesTheNation campaign, Tynemouth Food Festival – burgers, burritos and trying all the free tasters, mmm! another day trip to the Lake District, trying lobster (more on that in a post up in the next week or so) continuing the trend of monthly afternoon tea trips with my Mam, launching this new giveaway having a twister lolly cocktail (yes really!) and being featured in the latest Metro Centre magazine. Phew! It’s been a busy month!

    What’s stood out for you this month?

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