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    Hello Freckles River Bar Washington Solero
    Highlighting another food/drink venue today and celebrating the wonderful places we have in the North East. If you’re local, you should definitely check this place out!

    Hello Freckles River Bar Washington Nachos
    My sister and I popped along to River Bar in Washington on Good Friday. Now, I’m never one to go out on Bank Holiday weekends, or really go out at all. I’m more of a pjs, cuppa and Netflix kinda gal, but every now and then it’s nice to go out and have a few cocktails.

    We had a booth reserved, which was in a great spot for people watching – possibly one of my favourite activities to do in bars. I realise I sound like I never get out…but I do, sometimes! River Bar seems like it would be a great place to visit on a sunny day, with plenty of outdoor seating available, especially that balcony which is just calling out for summer cocktails.

    Hello Freckles River Bar Washington Godfather Pt2

    Hello Freckles River Bar Washington Sweet Potato Fries

    Hello Freckles River Bar Washington Nachos Plate

    Shortly after we arrived, a few snacks arrived; sweet potato fries (which were seriously delicious) bbq chicken wings and a big bowl of nachos to share. Next time, we’re definitely going to try out the burgers, so I’ll keep you posted.

    River Bar have recently revamped their menu, both food and drink, and I’m pretty impressed. Their food has a Southern America inspired feel; burgers, bbq and smokey tones. slow cooked ribs and meat and their dessert menu seriously appeals too – waffles and sundaes, mmm! 

    Their drinks menu is equally varied; there’s a range of cocktails, so whether you want your usual mojito or want to try something new, there’ll be something for you. Drinks aren’t too pricey either, cocktails roughly between £4.50-£7, though there’s a few slightly fancy ones that are a little more. A Lagertia for example, but you get a whole bottle of  Sol with it! Mojitos and Daquiris are 2-4-1 every day until 7pm; alternatively visit on a Thursday when all cocktails are 2-4-1.

    We tried a few different drinks from the menu, which was divided into different sections of America. ‘East Coast Drinks’ included Godfather Pt 2 – the short glass, bourbon, amaretto, The Big Apple which was like drinking apple pie (the one with two straws) and Cookie Monster, which would be good if you like chocolate and Baileys. Solero was a personal favourite (the first photo) and really did taste just like the lollies, amazing. Amaretto and Blueberry Mojitos were a nice twist on the usual mojitos, which I tend to find too minty for my personal taste. Finally we had a Tropical Caiprinha from the ‘Deep South Drinks’ and L.A. Sour from the ‘West Coast Drinks’. 

    Hello Freckles River Bar Washington The Big Apple Cocktail

    Hello Freckles River Bar Washington Amaretto and Blueberry Mojito

    Hello Freckles River Bar Washington Cookie Monster Cocktail

    Hello Freckles River Bar Washington LA Sour Tropical Caiprinha

    If you’re local and you’re looking for somewhere new to try some cocktails, I’d definitely recommend getting along to River Bar. They free pour their measures and can adapt cocktails to suit, so if you want a single shot, or want to take the gin out of something – perhaps you’re driving, they’ll happily accommodate you. Of course they serve wine, beer and soft drinks too like you’d expect if that’s more your taste.

    River Bar, we had a lovely evening and we’ll be back soon for burgers (and possibly more cocktails, unless I’m driving, then mine’s a diet coke with lime!)

    River Bar is in Washington, underneath Fiume on the riverside – I’ve not visited, but I’ve heard good things if you’re into your Italian food. For more details see their website.

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    River Bar kindly invited me along to try out some food/drinks. As always, all photos/words are my own.

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