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    Hello Freckles Sunday Summary Florals For Spring

    I’ll avoid typing out the Devil Wears Prada quote again, but it’s true, SS15 seems to be all about florals!

    This week has been pretty quiet, a cycle of work, gym, eat and sleep. On Thursday evening I went along to the opening of Glass House in Newcastle. A very ‘Gatsby’ style bar offering a range of champagne, whiskey and wine (plus cigars if you’re into that). It was great to catch up with Katy and of course we ended up at Fat Hippo.

    I took my sister along to a different spinning class this week (as I’d missed my usual on Thursday lunchtime due to work) and it was a whole new level of spinning that involved press ups, tricep dips and other crazy moves. I’ll definitely be going back though. I went for a run yesterday morning for the first time in weeks, since it’s been too dark/cold after work and I’ve stuck to the treadmill in the gym. It’s definitely a lot harder to run outside compared to running in the gym. 5k on Monday night was a breeze, but outside was more challenging. I’m hoping that now the nights are getting lighter, I’ll be able to get a run in when I get home from work, as well as regular gym sessions. If you’ve got any tips for training for a 10k run, please do fire them my way!

    I’ve been trying to plan my content for March and hopefully I’ve got some exciting things lined up. I’m really looking forward to having a week off work soon too, taking some time to relax, go out with family as it’ll be my Mam’s birthday and maybe catch up with a few friends.

    Just a quick update today, but I’ll be back early next week!

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