• Sunday Summary #19

    This week I’ve been busy doing university work and I applied for a graduate job, eek! I know I keep saying this, but graduating is becoming more real each week. Usually every Sunday when I sit down to write this post!

    I went along to the Company presents NE1’s Newcastle Fashion Week catwalks yesterday with a couple other bloggers then off to see Katy Perry on the night. She was amazing and put on such a good show; flying through the air, so many props (including that giant poo face emoji haha!) and some crazy outfits! I’d love to be her, even just for a day. She seemed to be having so much fun performing, even being one of her dancers would be great. I just need to learn to dance first…

    I put up a little giveaway yesterday, as a thank you for reaching 500 followers. Don’t forget to enter (here) if you’d like to win a new lipstick! I also put up a post (here) earlier this week about the Vivienne Westwood event I attended, so check that out if you’ve not yet had a read.

    Today I’ve been getting on with more uni work (surprise, surprise) and I’ll be spending all week in the edit room trying to get the sound all synced up and ready for the finishing touches! It’s pretty scary to think that next Friday we’ll be submitting our dissertation after 8 months of working on it.

    I’m also giving a blogging workshop tomorrow to some students visiting the uni, so that should be fun! Hopefully I’ll be attending a couple blog events during the week too if I can get enough work done.

    What’ve you been up to this week?

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