• Sunday Summary #6

     It’s been a busy week, with lots of mud! If you’ve seen my Lives Online video this week, you’ll know what I’m referring to but if not, don’t worry as I’ll tell you later in this post. There’s also some big news for my blog, but you may already have noticed what I’m talking about…

    I suppose the big news this week is that I’ve joined Youtube! *cheers* I did hint a bit at this in last week’s Summary post! I put up my first video (you can see it here) late on Friday night. Do go and take a look and subscribe if you’d like to see more videos.

    This week I’ve been on a very muddy location recce in Northumberland to look for places to film our dissertation. I found out that Converse are definitely not suitable footwear for the outdoors, so I really need to find my walking boots ready for our shoot early next month.

    I’ve had two prospectus photoshoots this week, the first on Wednesday which was the group Lives Online shoot. It’s quite exciting knowing I’ll either be on the front front cover, or the inside front cover (it’s a foldy-out one, if that makes sense). It was so cold though, as you can see in the instagram shot above, maybe my dress wasn’t the best outfit choice! I had another prospectus photoshoot on Friday morning, with the steadicam which was good fun (and still pretty chilly).

    On Thursday I was part of the second Northern Lights podcast and I met the gorgeous little puppy in the photo above. He fell asleep on me and I didn’t want to move him! He’s so cute, a little Jack Russell with a bit of Chihuahua in the mix too since Daddy Benjy is a cross between the two. I can’t wait to go see him and give him another cuddle.

    I went for an interview on Friday for something that’s potentially quite exciting, but I’ll share more details about that another time. Keep your eyes out for that though.
    What’ve you been up to this week?

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  • Reply VioletDaffodils February 9, 2014 at 7:07 pm

    love the photo of you shooting and that puppy is adorable!
    looking forward to hearing this exciting news you have 😀



  • Reply Mel Wills February 20, 2014 at 12:43 pm

    The puppy is extremely cute! I'm quite jealous of you being in prospectus – the photoshoot looks fabulous! I was quoted in the ADM one last year and immediately grabbed one and put it in my memory box to show my kiddies one day.



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