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February 2014

  • Sunday Summary #8

    I feel like I’ve barely stopped this week, keeping myself busy as always and when you’re reading this (if you’re reading this on Sunday when it’s just popped up) I’ll be…

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  • OOTD: You’re So Last Summer

    As I’m typing this up now, I’m still pretty full from the cheesecake I ate before these photos were taken! I’ve had a lovely afternoon in Durham. How cute is this…

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  • Sunday Summary #7

    I can’t believe it’s the middle of February already, how quick is this year going?! I also can’t believe what happened at the end of Dexter Season 4, but that’s another…

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  • Sunday Summary #6

     It’s been a busy week, with lots of mud! If you’ve seen my Lives Online video this week, you’ll know what I’m referring to but if not, don’t worry as I’ll…

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