• Sunday Summary #4

    Aaaaaand, relax. Well, briefly at least! If you’re a student or you’ve been to uni, you’ll understand that feeling of relief when you’ve handed in multiple assignments and that’s exactly how this week has been.

    It’s been tough, but I’m glad to have submitted the files and evaluations for my two big modules. Even if I was sat drawing storyboards until the early hours last Sunday while Andrew was falling asleep, at least I got everything handed in on Monday allowing myself a few days to relax and get back to blogging and tidy up the mess of my room. Speaking of which, it’s looking a lot better now! There’s something theraputic about tidying, well for me anyway!

    To celebrate the end of deadlines (until the biggie; dissertation) we went to Revolution for lunch then saw The Wolf of Wall Street. I loved it and I featured it in this week’s Film Friday here if you wanna take a look.

    I’ve been loving the NARS ‘Promiscuous’ set this week. It’s such good value for money and I love the variety of shades. I also think the NARS velvet matte formula is winning over MAC’s matte lipstick formula. Yep, I said it. You can see the post here if you’re interested.

    On Friday night I went to see City and Colour with Andrew. As ever, Dallas Green’s voice was amazing live, sounding as good as if not better than the recorded versions of the songs. 

    Tomorrow is the start of my final semester at uni…ever and I’m not sure how I feel about it. My timetable is really good and I’m only in for an hour tomorrow (late afternoon too, hello lazy morning) but I think it’s the pressure of dissertation getting to me and how much I really want to do well. Speaking of dissertation, it’d be amazing if you could take a look at our kickstarter campaign here and please help either by donating or sharing if you can. We’d all massively appreciate it as we want to make our film, Trace as successful as possible.

    What’ve you been up to this week?

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