• Sunday Summary #1

    I’ve decided that this year, rather than continue my ‘week (number here)’ post, I’ll do a weekly Sunday Summary of what I’ve been up to and include a few photos and maybe recommendations/favourite products that week. Let me know what you think!

    I got this pug calendar for my birthday (and had actually forgotten about it until my sister reminded me she’d bought it, oops!) and decided to get it up on my wall. You can’t tell, but there’s about five red bubbles on there, red is the colour I use for my uni deadlines and let’s just say this month is gonna be a busy one! 

    Speaking of work, I started editing my music video (one of the assignments due in the week after next) and I’m actually pretty proud of my work so far, which is a first! I’m normally really critical, but some of my shots look pretty good. Hopefully I get a good grade for it and I can do more music videos in the future, it was really fun to film.

    New year, new stationery and these notebooks tie in to one of my goals for 2014. You can see the post here. I want to travel more and having the world map on the cover of my notebook means I can sit and daydream about where to take Andrew. Sure he won’t object to that!

    Today we went somewhere new for lunch, The Handmade Burger Co. and it was lovely. I had the chorizo chicken burger, Andrew had the bacon cheese and bbq burger and we shared peri peri chips. If you’ve not been it’s well worth a visit and they do student discount (and double reward points for all of January, if you needed an extra incentive)

    Coming up this week I’m filming two short films which need to be handed in next week and I have an essay deadline, so it’s gonna be a busy one!

    What’ve you been up to? Do you like the idea of a Sunday Summary post?

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  • Reply Chrissy January 6, 2014 at 1:13 am

    I love Sunday Summary type of posts (mainly cause I'm incredibly curious and love to see what other bloggers got up to, hee hee)! Good luck with all of your assignments!


  • Reply tasha January 17, 2014 at 5:01 pm

    Me too! I like little lifestyle snippets, it's always interesting to see what people get up to. Thanks Chrissy 🙂 x

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