• A Trip to Berlin – Part 1

    You may remember that back in September I turned 21 and one of the presents by boyfriend surprised me with was a trip to Berlin. I’d kept saying how much I wanted to travel and get away from the oh so familiar sights of the North East (especially with my third year at uni having a pretty demanding workload) but I’d never expected he’d book a holiday for us! Last Sunday we left to travel down to Manchester and get on a plane to the German capital.

    I’ll admit I was a bit nervous about flying, especially since it had been 6 years since I was last on a plane but once I got over take off I think I calmed down considerably. It was nice being able to see all the lights from the cities thousands of feet below us and after a few episodes of New Girl we were getting ready to land. The flight only took 1 hour 20 minutes or so and before I knew it I was in a car on the way to our hotel.

    Once we’d dropped our stuff in our room it was time to go in search of snacks, which failed rather miserably. Sunday night after 10pm there’s not any coffee shops open and we couldn’t find an off licence or a takeaway, we did however, stumble across the Brandenburg Gate on our wander which was incredible and brought back those memories of GCSE History! I didn’t have my camera with me on our wander, but we did go back to see it again later in our trip so expect photos then!
    Monday morning we found a lovely Bagel place for breakfast (they had jalepeno bagels which were amazing) in a really fancy shopping centre. Just look at those Christmas decorations! After our breakfast, which was more like brunch, we went to see Checkpoint Charlie and visit a vintage car place, ‘Classic Remise’ which was so cool. I hadn’t really planned a strict day for us (which was probably a good thing as we got a bit lost finding Checkpoint Charlie, despite it being less than a mile from our hotel!)

    I found my classic Fiat 500! I actually saw three of these, one was a pale blue, the other green and then this orange baby! I’d love to get a car like this and I think I’d prefer it to a brand new one. I just feel like the older ones have more character and they ‘look better’ as strange as it might sound. It was great to walk around and see such a range of cars that you would never see in one place anywhere else, from Ferraris to a classic Dodge Challenger, Mustangs, you name it they probably had it. Although there was a distinct lack of VWs which was a shame since we both wanted to see them.
    We visited two markets on Monday, one at Alexanderplatz where I experienced my first real German Bratwurst and a Crepe and boy were they good! Then Gendarmenmarkt where I tried Glühwein (mulled wine) for the first time too and it was lovely. I also took the mug it came in, as a little memento of our visit. If there’s one thing I’ll miss about Berlin (other than the atmosphere and the sights) it’s the food!

    If you want to see more photos from my trip to Berlin look out for parts 2 and 3. I’m also uploading vlogs for my trip on Lives Online. You can see the first one here.

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  • Reply Heather Nixon December 27, 2013 at 9:17 pm

    Great photos – I would love to visit Berlin x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

    • Reply tasha December 31, 2013 at 11:15 am

      It's a beautiful city, really recommend going 🙂

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