• Roker Park Lights

    If you’ve looked at my Lives Online blog  or even Sunderland Live‘s tweets/website, you may already know of the Roker Park Lights. When I first heard about them this year I told Andrew he was taking me and he happily agreed (perhaps because I bribed him with Nando’s first!) I like seeing different things on offer in the North East and the Roker Park Lights were a great reason to take my camera for a walk too!

     The theme this year was Alice In Wonderland (perhaps chosen due to Lewis Carroll’s links to Sunderland). On Saturday evenings the story was brought to life with characters from Alice In Wonderland in certain areas of the park. It was great (even if the Mad Hatter did scare me a little at first) and I even recognised one of my friends from university as the Five of Hearts!

    I really enjoyed walking around looking at the illuminations. So much so, we went back again and the second time we saw three pugs! If you know me, you’ll know how much I love pugs and it’s evident in this video I made for Lives Online too!

    I hope the success of lights this year (and last year) see their return in 2014 and I’ll definitely be looking out for what the theme will be or any hints! Until then I’m looking forward to the Lumiere in Durham from 14th-17th November!

    Did you see the Roker Park Lights this year? If you’re local, get along and see them. This weekend is the last chance you’ve got to take a look!

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