• The Playlist: September

    I can’t quite believe it’s the end of September already! I’m now 21, eek! I’ve made sure I don’t repeat myself with anyone featured in this month’s ‘playlist’ but I can tell you now, it was difficult!

    Chvrches are a band I’ve only recently started listening to. Their synth electro-pop feels like it could so easily have featured on the soundtrack to Drive (which if you haven’t seen, I recommend you do so) alongside Kavinsky and College. ‘Recover’ is one of their singles and it’s ridiculously catchy!

    I saw Jimmy Eat World earlier this month (review here if you want to have a look) and they were amazing. It was kind of surreal to finally see them since I’ve listened to them since I was back in my teens and they were one of the bands I listened to throughout secondary school. Chase This Light is such a good album and ‘Big Casino’ was incredible live.

    Biffy Clyro are another band I’ve seen recently (well if you can class March as being recent?!) and they’re incredible live. Opposites is their most recent album and personally, I prefer it over Only Revolutions. ‘Victory Over The Sun’ is their newest single from the album and I’m so glad they chose it, when that guitar riff kicks in, ahhh!

    Yellowcard are a band I feel I never shut up about. I saw them back in March with my boyfriend and I surprised him with front row seats for their Ocean Avenue Acoustic tour in November as part of his birthday present. I don’t know which one of us is more excited about it and it means we get another road trip to Manchester too. The whole album is brilliant and I can’t just pick one track from it that’s my favourite.

    What’s been on your playlist this month?

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  • Reply Lucy Riches October 4, 2013 at 9:59 am

    I think we have very similar music tastes! Have you heard London Grammer yet? Breath taking.


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