• LIVE REVIEW: Jimmy Eat World

    “We’ve been a band for the past twenty years”, Jim Adkins
    tells the crowd after the opening track, ‘I Will Steal You Back’. It’s
    incredible to think that the Arizona band have managed to battle it out and
    remain just as strong an influence on their fans and indeed the ‘emo’ music
    scene as they were in the early 2000’s.

    Supported by We Are The Ocean, a band that not too long ago
    played a headline slot at this very venue and are great to watch. The set is
    delivered brilliantly and the guys seem to really enjoy their time on stage.
    Who can blame them; they’re supporting Jimmy Eat World!

    As the headline band take to the stage the atmosphere
    heightens. Many of the crowd have grown up with the band, myself being one, yet
    there’s still a strong amount of younger faces too. Weaving through their impressive
    catalogue of hit singles and fan favourites from the eight studio albums; the
    set is certainly very impressive.

    The incredibly heartfelt performance of ‘Hear You Me’ makes that
    lump in my throat appear and I’m sure I won’t have been the only one in the
    audience moved by the track that has featured in a number of TV/Film soundtracks.

    ‘Futures’ brings back the energy in the crowd, followed by
    two more from the 2004 album; ‘Kill’
    and ‘Work’ before Jim Adkins is
    handed an acoustic guitar for a solo performance of ‘For Me This Is Heaven’.

    Despite this tour promoting new album, ‘Damages’ only a
    handful of tracks from the 2013 release are played. It seems Jimmy Eat World
    are keen to include old favourites and ‘Pain’, ‘Always Be’ and ‘A Praise
    are received with great appreciation.

    ‘Sweetness’ and ‘Bleed American’ bring the main set to a
    close. The band bid their fans goodnight and exit the stage knowing that in
    less than five minutes they will return to play another three songs in their
    encore and end the night on a high.

    Not many bands may feel comfortable playing a song that’s
    longer than the usual 3/4 minutes, but Jimmy Eat World know what they’re
    doing and they know their fans love ‘23’
    and play the seven minute track in its entirety before closing on the anthem
    that is ‘The Middle’. Whether you’re
    17 or 40, when Jim Adkins tells you everything will be alright, you believe it! Especially if like me, you’ve been a fan since your early teen years.

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  • Reply Jess September 20, 2013 at 8:18 am

    I went to see Jimmy Eat World on Sunday!! They were so so so good! One of those nights I just wanted to do over and over again!

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