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September 2013

  • The Playlist: September

    I can’t quite believe it’s the end of September already! I’m now 21, eek! I’ve made sure I don’t repeat myself with anyone featured in this month’s ‘playlist’ but I can…

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  • York and Macaroons

    Last Friday I headed down to York for the day. I’ve been a couple times before but this time I was meeting up with my friend Adam, who lives in York…

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  • Film Friday #1

    I go to the cinema a lot, since my boyfriend and I decided to get unlimited cinema passes back in April we go pretty much on a weekly basis. We definitely…

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  • LIVE REVIEW: Jimmy Eat World

    “We’ve been a band for the past twenty years”, Jim Adkins tells the crowd after the opening track, ‘I Will Steal You Back’. It’s incredible to think that the Arizona band…

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