• 25 Facts About Me

    I’ve seen this tag cropping up on lots of blogs and thought I’d join in and let you know a little more about me than you may already know!

    1. I’m studying a media degree at University.

    2. My hair has been red, blonde and brown. (And a little bit pink when the red dye ran into my blonde fringe).

    3. I’ve been on BBC Radio 1!
    4. Caramelatte’s from Caffè Nero are my favourite. Mmmmm!
    5. I’m a perfectionist.
    6. I like to make myself lists, usually in cute notebooks (I like stationery).
    7. I love travelling.
    8. I’m really indecisive.
    9. I’m a fan of so many different bands, but one of my absolute favourites is The Gaslight Anthem and I would love to meet Brian Fallon.
    10. I really want to get a pug, I even know what I would call it!
    11. I started snowboarding late last year and I love it!
    12. I have a weakness for checked shirts, Jack Wills ones especially. Sorry bank account!
    13. I used to make ‘vlogs’ on YouTube a couple of years ago, then I took a break when I was focusing on doing my A Level exams and never got back into it again. You’ll not be able to find them ’cause they’re all set to private now! I am contemplating starting up the videos again though….hmmm.
    14. I have ten piercings.
    15. I love live music and over the next month I’m going to 5 gigs. Yay!
    16. I used to be in a band for around two years (guitar/vocals). Every time I go to a gig it reminds me how much I miss it.  
    17. I’ve been playing guitar since I was 11 (and I can play other instruments too).
    18. Despite singing when I was in the band, I don’t like to sing in front of people…
    19. I like to name my possessions; my guitars, laptop and DSLR all have names.
    20. I carried out a week of work experience at a local newspaper and an article I wrote during my placement was printed in the paper on my last day. I was so proud.
    21. I find space and astronomy fascinating and I count myself really lucky to have seen meteors fly across the sky.
    22. Photography is a big interest of mine and I don’t take as many photos as I’d like to. That’s something I want to change this year.
    23. 95% of the time, I will have my nails painted.
    24. I want to have a VW Campervan.
    25. I like hats (a lot). The bigger the pom pom the better!

    I hope you found that interesting, I know I’ve enjoyed reading the ‘facts about me’ posts other bloggers have written.

    Tell me a fact about you? 

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